A Sparkling Sapphire Stick Pin

raaen99 posted a photo:

A Sparkling Sapphire Stick Pin

Made by a high end London jeweller, this Art Deco stick pin for a gentleman’s lapel, tie or cravat was the height of fashion in 1925 when it was created, and it wouldn’t look out of place in today’s modern world. It features eight large and sparking square cut sapphires and four small brilliant cut diamonds, set in a platinum mount.
(Private collection.)

This year the FFF+ Group have decided to have a weekly challenge called “Snap Happy”. A different theme chosen by a member of the group each week, and the image is to be posted on the Monday of the week.

This week the theme, “I spy with my little eye, something beginning with an S” was chosen by Laszlo, Laszlo Papinot.

This stick pin featuring sapphires seemed to fit the bill quite nicely.

Having been made it the middle years of the roaring 20s, it has a definite geometric design of the Art Deco movement.

Edwardian jewellery is renowned for its delicate, beautifully crafted designs. In contrast to Victorian jewellery, many pieces were made in a very feminine fashion, using finer smaller stones and very light settings made possible by using platinum.

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