Me, Myself and Eye

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Me, Myself and Eye

This year the FFF+ Group have decided to have a weekly challenge called “Snap Happy”. A different theme chosen by a member of the group each week, and the image is to be posted on the Monday of the week.

This week the theme, “selfie” was chosen by Di, PhotosbyDi.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am not a fan of selfies and I don’t much like my photograph being taken, from the front anyway. I am also very self-conscious and self-critical of my looks… it’s a long story with many chapters. However, there are a couple of things about my physicality that I do like. My eyes and eyelashes, and my hands. My eyes will vary from brown to green depending upon how I am feeling. My eyelashes always get comments about how long and thick they are, and people do ask me whether I wear mascara (which I don’t). My hands are my outlet for my creativity: drawing, sketching, designing, painting, beading, photographing, cooking, writing… the list goes on. I have a very slender hand and rather long and elegant fingers, perfect for peeping from beneath the cuff of a well cut pink shirt and for showing off the antique rings I love so much. Therefore I have created this rather Surrealist selfie for the “Snap Happy” theme which I think might have made Salvador Dali a little jealous!

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