Dresden Jewels

Can Pac Swire posted a photo:

Dresden Jewels

Title: Golden fleece (reference to the sheep) with Bohemian garnets

Maker: Franz Christoph Georg Diespach (1669 to 1766). Made in Prague in 1749

Materials: Four large garnets, three small garnets, with 318 diamonds, in gold and silver.

Part of Dresden’s Grünes Gewölbe museum.


This morning (2019-11-25) when I launched the BBC News web site I was quite distressed and angered to hear that there has been a heist at Dresden’s Grünes Gewölbe (“Green Vault”) museum overnight and a number of truly priceless diamond jewels have been stolen.


Dresden’s Residenzschloss palace houses several museums. including the Grünes Gewölbe. Its Baroque objet d’art collection is recognised to be the best and most valuable in the world, including an enormous collection of Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque diamond, ruby, emerald, sapphire jewels. The collection is open to the public, but photography is not allowed, except for a few less important pieces (yes, this is considered a “minor” piece, if you can fathom that!)

For its historical significance, the jewels are truly priceless. The museum is still trying to assess the loss, and some reports suggest that if a value must be assigned, the loss could be as much as one billion Euros.

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